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Cynthia Lacle

Cynthia Lacle´s story begun about 5 years ago with a DJ course I took in Eindhoven. After that she knews that she wanted to do more as a DJ. So she practiced a respectable amount of hours to afterwards determine the music style that would suit she best: ‘progressive house’.

Cynthia took part in the 2016 ‘NDJK’ – the 2016 Dutch DJ championships – which were held in Limburg. This was her first time ever to participate in a DJ competition. Cynthia finished 17th but learned a lot from this event.

2017 inspired her to participate again in the NDJK. She entered the competitions very well prepared and with also the coaching of leading DJ’s, She made it to the finals with a good overall total score. She finished 1st on December 16, 2017! Therefore she is the first female to carry the title “Dutch DJ champion”.


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City: Eindhoven
Nationality: Dutch

Robert Eibach

Robert Eibach began his music career studying communications and audio/video production at Temple University in Philadelphia. It was there he developed the skills to Produce and Engineer professional music. Robert began working at Third Story Recording Studio in Philadelphia, where he engineered Rock, Gospel, R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop and other musical styles, and worked with top recording artists including Swizz Beatz and Korn.


In 2017, Robert’s remixed Smashmouth‘s 20th Anniversary release of “Walkin’ On The Sun” on Interscope Records and reached #5 on the Billboard Dance Club Play Chart.  He also remixed Lisa Cole’s song “Lost Love” and Tami’s song “The Sugar Shack”, both of which reached #11 on the Billboard Dance Club Play Chart.  His work can also be heard on 2017 releases “Made In LA” by Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band, also “Symphonic Soweto” by the Soweto Gospel Choir and Wouter Kellerman.  Robert co-wrote and produced the theme song for the feature film “Bloodline: Now or Never”, titled “Now or Never” with David Longoria and features singer April Diamond.


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Country: United States of America
City: Los Angeles, CA
Nationality: American

Josh Marko

Country: United States of America
City:  Los Angeles, CA
Nationality: American

DJ Eschko

Country:          Netherlands

City:                    Landgraaf

Nationality:     Dutch

Website:  (Mixcloud)


Country:            France

Nationality:      French